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Building trust together


Jeremy brings experience and relationships built over 15 years of global communication and management in diverse international environments. With the background of a journalist he connects people and information by listening, learning, synthesising and explaining – always with a focus on positive solutions.

In addition to the broad areas above Jeremy's experience spans stakeholder relations, membership, consultations, conferences, presentations, speechwriting, interviewing, moderation, magazines, books, reports, websites, mass emails, blogs, podcasts, writing, editing, collaboration and management. 

Corporate Communications

Every organisation needs to put forward the best of its work in the context of its motivations and goals. Fundamental to that is the copywriting and production of clear, accurate and direct materials whether they be in print, online or speeches delivered in person. As an experienced trade journalist, Jeremy has dealt with thousands of press releases, corporate websites and annual reports from companies large and small all over the world. He can work with you to identify your key stakeholders, produce the right content, and carry out targeted promotion that encourages action.