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  • Jeremy Gordon

Interviewing leaders

Gilles Babinet

Most members of the public will never interact with anyone who has first-hand experience of nuclear energy. That is one reason I believe it is important to bring forward the personalities of people in the nuclear sector and reveal their motivations in an accessible way.

As a recruitment company, my client Thomas Thor associates shares an interest in the people of the nuclear sector. My work with them has given me the chance to interview some of the most fascinating people in the global nuclear arena, a selection of whom are below.

As an SMR start-up, the scope of Seaborg Technologies and its proposals for future nuclear are vast. I talked to the company's chief technology officer to distil his passions for its fast-moving work.

Gilles Babinet is a multi-entrepreneur from France with extensive digital experience that gives him insight on energy challenges and the role of digital in nuclear operation.

As a life long environmentalist and a science communicator, Zion had a significant role in the Extinction Rebellion movement. She talked to me soon after breaking with that organisation and devoting her time to nuclear advocacy.

Tom is an energy executive who worked across the Middle East before settling back in the UK to develop new nuclear plant projects. He's looking to cement advanced nuclear in the UK's future economy as interim CEO of the SMR consortium held by Rolls-Royce.

When the Canadian Nuclear Association appointed John as President, it was doing something unique: building a personal bridge to the solar and renewable sectors, where John had held leadership roles.

One of the nuclear sector's leading innovators, Sama combines technical knowledge with lateral thinking to solve its problems and influence international policy.

If you would like my support to create articles like this featuring your organisation's leaders, or indeed any member of staff, please get in touch.


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