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  • Jeremy Gordon

Telling the story of a storyteller

A life changing pleasure for me in the last few years was taking part in a blogging course with The Gentle Author, a man whose mission is to tell a story every day of his life. His blog, Spitalfields Life, cannot be recommended highly enough for the way it brings the reader into the room to meet the humanity of London's East End, hosted by his storytelling. It was a privilege to learn his methods and see in myself the potential to be a kind and humble interviewer.

Many of my friends are aware it is my belief that one task among many for the nuclear industry is to humanise itself. The people of the industry have to get in touch with their own motivations and values, and industry leaders need to open channels of communication for workers to represent themselves in those terms to people cautious about the technology.

I am grateful for the chance to contribute to this through my work with Thomas Thor, the recruitment company, via a project to run a series of interviews of notable and interesting people in the nuclear sector. We have some fascinating articles in the works.

Ayhan Evrensel (Image: IAEA - Dean Calma)

With all this in mind it was a great pleasure, and quite a challenge, to interview one of the world's most known and loved nuclear communicators, Ayhan Evrensel, who was coming through as a press officer at IAEA at the same time I was coming through as Editor of World Nuclear News. And we remain on something like parallel tracks in 2019 as we find our feet as independent communication consultants.

You can find the article here: Ayhan Evrensel: the true storyteller


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