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With 18 years of communication experience in the international nuclear industry, Jeremy supports clients that want to humanise nuclear energy and improve its public image so that it can play a full role in human development and environmental protection. 


The nuclear sector needs to do more in communication
It is everybody's job to raise their game

Nuclear 101

This is a session for people outside the nuclear industry who need to understand the roles, responsibilities and motivations of its players at the national and international levels. It can be tailored to centre any given organisation and used as part of an onboarding or market research process. 

First Impressions

This course explains how nuclear professionals need to behave and communicate to build trust. It gives participants a foundation of understanding of the historical and cultural reasons for nuclear's complex reputation and why nuclear risks are perceived as they are.

Positive Conversations

How should we approach the most difficult moments of nuclear communication - when we need to talk about safety, or when we encounter people who disagree passionately with us? This course will give more confidence based on the psychology of influence and the role of identity as well as by sharing strategies to have positive conversations instead of confrontations.

Social Media Coaching

The people of the nuclear industry are its most credible and knowledgeable spokespersons. Raise the voices of your experts with social media coaching that will build their confidence and give them the tools they need to interact with people important to their work in an engaging, meaningful and personal way. Participants will develop a personal social media plan with the option of ongoing support.

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Corporate Communications

Every organisation needs to put forward the best of its work in the context of its motivations and goals. Fundamental to that is the production of clear, accurate and direct materials, whether they are in print, online or in speeches delivered in person. As an experienced trade journalist, Jeremy has dealt with thousands of press releases, corporate websites and annual reports from companies large and small all over the world. He can work with you to identify key stakeholders, produce the right content, and carry out targeted promotion that encourages action.


Information, stories, data and graphics that highlight the best of your work can be found and brought to light by research and good journalism. You then have the chance to tell your story your way and do so with the accuracy your audience demands. Jeremy made his name as founding editor of World Nuclear News, the leading news service of the nuclear power industry with exactly that mission.



Complete and concise wordings bring your unique offer to stakeholders in terms that will motivate them to take the actions you want. Jeremy works with his clients to clarify how their business goals translate to communication goals and then develops quick and clear messages to produce  effective materials including websites, brochures and more. 

Selected clients

International Atomic Energy Agency

Supported the design of a webinar series on stakeholder involvement; Took part in the organizing committee for IAEA's first technical meeting on subject of social media; Wrote a template for social media strategies for a stakeholder involvement guide


Communication support to a civil society roundtable event during the visit of a Canadian government delegation to the UK, including press release and drafting of an open letter

Thomas Thor Associates

Thought leadership interviews and blogging; corporate communications

World Nuclear Association

Structured interviews as part of a foresight exercise with the World Energy Council; Editing the 2020 edition of the Talking Points messaging manual for industry communicators

Japan Atomic Industry Forum (JAIF)

Ongoing commentary on international nuclear developments for Japanese readers, London Calling

Nuclear Engineering International

Ongoing series of monthly commentary articles

World Nuclear University

Lecturing on communication, mentoring Summer Institute fellows, and supervising a group in a stakeholder involvement task of my design

Institute of Energy Economics (IEE) Japan

An easy to understand explainer of the UK government and regulatory agencies their roles and responsibilities in regulation and nuclear energy crisis response for use with IEEJ's government clients in South East Asia.

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Jeremy Gordon has enjoyed 18 years as a communicator in the international nuclear industry. Beginning as Deputy Editor of Nuclear Engineering International magazine, he joined the World Nuclear Association in 2006 and launched its independent World Nuclear News service the following year. The website's popularity grew organically to achieve email distribution of 25,000 and a following of 160,000 on Facebook. It remains the world leader in public information on the current affairs of the global nuclear industry and its largest public platform. Jeremy went on to lead a team producing WNN as well as the WNA’s Information Library and Reactor Database. For a year he advised the Harmony programme, which represents the nuclear industry’s goal and vision for its place in a future energy mix. As a member of the WNA’s management team he contributed to setting its agenda and strategy as well as delivering its projects and goals. Jeremy grew up and was educated in London, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Westminster and graduating with honours in 2000.


Fluent in Energy
Suite 3, Claremont Business Centre,
Claremont Road, Surbiton, KT6 4QU
United Kingdom

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