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Jeremy Gordon 
is Fluent in Energy

An independent communication consultant
with 15 years' experience in the energy
industry, Jeremy supports partners of all kinds 
to communicate matters of energy
and sustainable development.


Today's world is one of rapid change in technology, communication and the ways we collaborate on shared goals. There is an increasingly urgent debate about how to face a future where the natural world is in retreat and under mounting pressure from climate change. In our societies, trust and relationships are more important than ever and building them demands constant presence and fluency in complex subject areas.

Corporate Communications

Clear, accurate and direct messaging on company activities from an experienced trade journalist for print, online or public speeches. Targeted promotion to take messages further and spur action.

Content Strategy

Stories and data that highlight the best of your work can be found and brought to light by research and good journalism. Jeremy can tell your stories in a way that appeals to the people you need to reach.

Social Media

Social media enables you to interact with stakeholders and create a community around your work. Add social to your existing comms plans with supportive guidance and management

Employee Advocacy

There is a global debate on the future of energy. Your staff can be empowered and guided to make a positive impact and become trusted experts in their own right.

Crisis Communications

The readiness to act with calm judgement demands planning, preparation and practice. Having played a leading role in the global nuclear industry's communication response to the Fukushima accident, Jeremy can support you to develop these capabilities, to test them, and to execute them.

Advisory Services

Jeremy brings experience and relationships built over 15 years of global communication and management in diverse international environments.

The above represent a selection of broad communication services. Learn more about how these can benefit your work and Jeremy's track record in delivering them.



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